Engineering/IT WorkOrder Status Sheet
Submitted Submitted By Submitted Work Performed Last Date Status
  Date       Issue              
9/5/2014 Phil Austin One Speaker on Front of Building Dirty Spot in Volume Pot on Amp 9/8/2014 Complete
not working. that feeds outside.
9/2/2014 Dave Woodward VNC log in to my computer not working Had him switch to TeamViewer 9/2/2014 Complete
Trying to switch all personal PC's
8/26/2014 Aaron Matthews Audition Button on CAVS channel Replaced Button Board for that channel 8/27/2014 Complete
WWSR Board not staying down
8/21/2014 Phil Austin Remove & remount Picture Frames Removed frames and remounted 8/27/2014 Complete
in front Lobby
8/6/2014 Zac Seagle TheFan Aircheck not recording Repaired Audio Connection 8/7/2014 Complete
8/6/2014 Zac Seagle Can't access FreeNas Drive from  Connected Right Up when tested. 8/7/2014 Complete
Frog Studio Will Monitor issue
8/7/2014 Bob Ulm WDOH telephone issue TSC Phone Company Repaired 8/7/2014 Complete
Can not call some Lima #'s Software issue with their system
8/11/2014 Dave Woodward Can I please have 2 extra mic cables Made up 2 microphone cable & 8/11/2014 Complete
for Frog Van. Put on your desk.
8/11/2014 Dave Woodward Ambyr's Laptop Wireless Connection Ran Eithernet cable from WEGE 8/12/2014 Complete
Slow. internet switch over to laptop
8/12/2014 Dave Woodward Low Phone Levels in WFGF Studio Boosted Console Input Level 8/21/2014 Complete
in to the console Changed Resistor Value in Coupler
8/7/2014 Chad McNeal WCIT Bleeds through my speakers Reduced Talk Studio Input on Console 8/18/2014 Complete
in Prod A Reduced WCIT Air Feed to Studio